You Invited Me

You Invited Me

One of our local Youth For Christ leaders, Alex, has set up a prayer boxes at a local juvenile detention center so incarcerated young men can submit their burdens and concerns for prayer.

Antonio, who was serving time at this facility, dropped his prayer in the box that Alex had set up, and noticed something else laying next to it. It was a small invitation card, encouraging participation in a small group for teen parents. Antonio had a son back home, and this invitation caught his eye. Time passed, and Antonio was released back into his community.

Meanwhile, the small group for teen parents that was advertised on the invitation Antonio saw began meeting. This group was part of a YFC's Parent Life that was launched after Alex saw a growing need among incarcerated men who were fathers.

One meeting, Antonio showed up, bringing his girlfriend and their little boy.

Surprised and remembering Antonio from the juvenile facility, Alex asked, “How did you know about this?”

Antonio responded, “You invited me.”

This story reinforces how Youth For Christ establishes ministry where it is needed most, and then builds upon initial efforts, growing and expanding through additional YFC ministry models. YFC leaders understand that kids, like Antonio and his girlfriend, have a hard time finding a place to belong. They need family. They need community. They need Jesus.

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