A Lasting Relationship

A Lasting Relationship

Josh Matthews

Read this story from YFC City Life leader, Josh Matthews:
Malique was one of the first kids I met when I started ministering through City Life. 
Malique grew up in a low-income family and lived in a rough neighborhood. His mom lost custody of his two younger brothers while he was young, and they were placed in the foster care system. 
Once connected with YFC, Malique rarely would miss one of our weekly Bible studies. He really took to the Gospel. He probably attended every single trip, event, or activity that I led at YFC.
Through the years of being friends with Malique, he has always done well in school and been motivated to succeed. Last June, he graduated from high school and he’s found his own place to live. He’s paying his rent and working hard. 
The last time we met up, he expressed interest in becoming a police officer. I’m excited for him! Malique is continuing to work so hard to follow God and pursue his dreams. 

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