Bringing Hope

Bringing Hope

YFC New York City

A few times a month the YFC New York City staff spends time with a group of amazing kids at the Close to Home facility in Brooklyn, New York. Every October the facility staff and youth at Close to Home focus on raising awareness for Breast Cancer.

The more time we spent with the staff and youth at Close to Home, the more we loved them. And as we shared our hearts with each other, their passion for their cause ignited our passion as well. So we decided to support them.

We were able to supply custom-made varsity jackets for the youth and staff at the Close to Home facility. The jackets had just the right touch of “cool” on them, and the kids absolutely loved them. It was truly a blessing to care for the staff and youth in this way.

We believe in sharing the love of Christ in as many ways as possible.

The pure excitement and joy that these jackets brought to the people in this facility is just one of the many reasons why we say yes to the call of mentoring young people in New York. It is beautiful to be a part of something so selfless, to bridge the relational gaps that society says exist, and to bring joy to the faces of youth in the city.

This is what YFC New York City is about. Bringing hope – sometimes by means of a friendly conversation, sometimes by means of a cool jacket – to those who need it most.

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