He Appeared

He Appeared

Teddi Pettee

In October a Christmas song began the hamster-wheel-track in my brain and it’s still running as we approach Easter. Not because I heard it in the mall, but because of this line, mentioned in Shauna Niequist’s latest book, Present Over Perfect: He appeared and the soul felt it’s worth. The soul felt it’s worth. How long since you’ve “felt your worth”?"

Most days I forget this. My worth comes from a list of completed tasks or how good my hair looks. Maybe I cooked someone a meal or listened instead of arguing. But even so, I can follow these to a selfish desire for approval from others. It’s actually made me tired; this longing for value, accolades, someone to tell me my shirt matches my shoes. It never even works—at least not for long--so the drive continues and I keep chasing empty praise to figure out what I’m worth.

As I serve in Youth For Christ with teen parents, I get first-hand relational experience with the weary world. It’s not just teen moms and dads who grasp for fulfillment or purpose or meaning in relationships and jobs and school. I’m right there with them, forgetting He appeared. And why.

I’m right there with them, forgetting He appeared. And why.

He appeared. Because of love, he appeared. Because of his direct love for you. For me. For the baby in my arms and his mom. And for the many Parent Life leaders who represent this love every week at local high schools. The personal love the Father has for each of us defines me, encourages me, directs me. It stirs so consistently that my soul is over-whelmed, THRILLED with hope that now, because of Jesus everyday becomes a new and glorious morning. And if I live from this truth, it pours out on to others. The worth comes from God on my insides. I can’t do anything to improve on that!

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