Ten Years With YFC

Ten Years With YFC

Devin Vergara

Ten Years With Youth For Christ

I remember attending the first ever spa night for expectant and parenting teen moms at my local Youth For Christ.

I was 16. Pregnant. And terrified.

But who doesn’t want a free massage and some pampering?

Ten years later, you can see how Christ has transformed me from that scared teenager to who I am today.

Now, I am a mother. A wife.

And a servant of our one true King.

And I’m a YFC leader serving alongside my husband, reaching teen moms and dads in the very same community I first was introduced to YFC. The very place I met Jesus.

God has done a great work in my life and in this city. It is crazy and overwhelming to look back and see that a free massage and a pack of diapers is what opened the door for me to receive the life-changing message of Christ. 

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