The Legacy of Core

The Legacy of Core

Emma Ort

Emma Ort is on staff with Long Island YFC, one of the founding chapters of YFC Core. Read her story below.

As a child of parents who were Campus Life volunteers in the 80s, I grew up with fun and crazy stories of club activities. But more importantly, they shared the message of Jesus and how He gives life to our stories. Then after attending a YFC Rally in high school, I got excited about sharing my faith with my friends. I started a student-led YFC Core Club. I learned the importance of loving my classmates, teachers, and my school through the examples of YFC. It's why I decided to attend Bible College and now work for YFC [as the Long Island YFC Core Director]. There is power in teaching kids how to disciple others and love like Jesus.

The most exciting result of YFC Core is that students are more likely to become lifelong followers of Jesus because of their involvement. In my 13 years of experience (first as a student in Core, then as a volunteer, and now as staff), I've witnessed the majority of our kids continue their faith into college and beyond. They easily transition into college ministries and local church work. The process of sharing their faith with their friends through Core encourages their faith to strengthen, and it doesn’t stop after high school.

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